Monday, July 15, 2013

Blood, Parchment and Coffins

Our theme for 2010 was The Count's castle and we did our best to set the mood 
with decorations and food, but that information is for another post, on another day. 

Today I'd like to talk to you about our invitations.  

They needed to fit perfectly with our vampire theme.  I wanted them to be playful but
authentic, as if they were made by the Count himself.  I scoured the web looking for 
something that might catch my eye.  Finally, after hours of searching I found it.

I found this awesome website and it had just what I needed ... Coffin Boxes!
These mini coffin boxes were free to download and print, so I did :)

Then, I needed the actual invite.
My idea was to make it seem like this was an actual invitation from The Count, so I needed to make it look like it was written on old parchment paper with a fine quill pen.
I found a free paper texture online (sorry, I can't remember the website), opened up
Photoshop, and got to work.  

I wanted to keep it fun, so I added a little humor, found a font that was as elegant as The Count, and included some blood spots, because you can't be a vampire without blood.

The letters were then folded up nicely and placed in the coffins and delivered to the proper victims ... er, I mean guests.  Everyone loved it and it set the tone perfectly for our Halloween party.

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