Friday, October 21, 2011

The Von Spüken Hotel, The Sitting Room

The Sitting Room ... 
a room of memories since forgotten.

Once you exit the elevator, you enter the sitting room.

Complete with a fireplace, old pictures, phonograph ...

a dusty piano ... 

and a game of chess.  

I bought this "haunted portrait" at Target, used an old
lamp shade, vintage looking record player, 
and cane with air-dry clay to create the phonograph.
We used an economy size of baking soda to create the dust.

The mantle is adorned with candelabras I bought several
years ago at Target, the Von Spüken Hotel logo and a portrait of Mr. Von Spüken himself.
I followed a project tutorial found in the Better Homes and Gardens
Halloween special.  It was titled "Mount a ghoulish stairway exhibit".
Of course I modified it to suit my needs and taste.

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